Friday, August 27, 2010

Blond Giraffe Key Lime Pie Factory

One of my favorite desserts is Key Lime Pie. I personally have tried many but my favorite by far is from the Blond Giraffe Key Lime Pie Factory in Key West. They not only have Key Lime Pie but also have rum cake, key lime pie cookies,and even key lime pie on a stick. This store is open 7 days a week and is in 6 locations throughout the Keys. They were rated #1 best Key Lime Pie in Key West since 1999 and Best Key Lime Pie in Florida by Florida Monthly Magazine for 7 consecutive years. The company is established and has been in business more than 11 years. Their desserts are definitely mouth watering and very enjoyable.


  1. Oh My, Kutchie and Anita Pelaez's Key Lime Pie Factory is the place to get authentic Key Lime Pies. Every one always raves about how good their pies really are.

    Jan Marie

  2. Better than Sex your first time eating one of Kutchie and Anita Pelaez's Key Lime Pies. You can eventually get tired of sex but you will never get tired of the pies from Anita and Kutchie Pelaez's Key Lime Pie Factory. Because the more of the pie that you eat, the more of the sex that you crave always follows eating those wonderful pies the Pelaez's bake. Works for us every time.


  3. We hear what you're saying, we have been ordering Anita Pelaez's Key Lime Pies since I was pregnant with my first child Dennis who will be 26 in August. The most delightful and refreshing key lime pies you will ever eat. They are super fresh when Fed-X delivers them to our front door. Sunshine in a pan, they brighten up our lives in o so many ways. Anita Pelaez, Nobody does it better. You go girl.


  4. "OH YES", "OH YES", "OH YES" Thank You VERY, VERY MUCH For Recommending ,.."Mrs. Anita Pelaez OH What Joy It Was Just To Finally Meet This Wonderful Joyous Warm Christan Woman That Owns And Operates The Famous Key Lime Pie Factory And Grille' Along With Her Loving Husband Mr. Kutchie Pelaez. The Awesome Married Christan Couple Reside In Asheville, N.C.. Together They Have Supplied Our Ministry With The Most Impeccable Beautiful And Delicious Authentic Key Lime Pies.
    Their Delicious Pies Are Filled With Love In Each And Every Delicious Cool Sweet And Tart Bite. Our Returning Costumers Cannot Give Them Any Higher Attributes Than Ordering As Many As It Is Possible For Us To Supply Them On A Monthly Bases. Our Highest Recommendations Certainly Go Out To Anita And Kutchie Pelaez. May GOD Continue Blessing Them And Their Fabulous One Of A Kind Key Lime Pie Factory, Truly GOD Given Hidden Magic In The Mountains Of North Carolina. You Know, When You Think About It....It's No Wonder Everyone Is Saying...."AH", The Magic Of The Lovely Anita Pelaez And Her Key Lime Pies!

  5. Bounced on my boys' key lime pie to this for hours